Introduction to Life Skills

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This course explains in details what life skills are and locates them within the context of other cognitive skills. It further explains their relevance why they are highly sought after in today’s as well as the future world.

Ever wondered what the fuss is all about or never really grasped what life skills are, this is course that clears it all!


Target Audience

Introduction to life skills course is targeted at individuals of all ages who wish to understand the global as well as local contexts and circumstances that make life skills important. This course is highly recommended for;

✔︎ Young persons in college, in employment, seeking work and those hoping to practice entrepreneurship. ✔︎ Business managers, HR professionals, department heads and educators at all levels. ✔︎ NGOs promoting employability and youth empowerment programmes. ✔︎ Older individuals looking for ways to stay relevant in the work place or run and manage businesses effectively in today’s hyper changing world.

Learning Objectives

Learners will be introduced to life skills, understand what is implied by the term life skills and how this skill set fits within the general frame work of skills and competencies delivered through educational systems. Learners will get a grasp and awareness of the current global trends that are impacting work and workplace. Learners will understand the role of life skills in enabling individuals and organizations navigate and thrive in today’s dynamic work. Learners will acquire knowledge of employability skills a group of skills within which life skills fall. Learners will comprehend how life skills can be used for success in all spheres of life.

Learning outcomes

Learners will comprehend what life skills are and their place in the future which will help them make decisions for their children, clients, businesses, teams and for themselves. Learners will to be able to examine their occupations, plans, goals and determine how they can future proof them and prepare for success Persons in education, training and capacity development will be able to use the knowledge thereof to start developing approaches for incorporating life skill teaching in the curriculum and other capacity building programmes.


Comprehension of basic concepts, mental readiness for the world of work.

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