Remote Working

$ 60.00

Understand concept of remote working, productivity and effectiveness strategies, different commonly used collaboration tools and enhance your employability as well as your productivity.

This course will be available on May 31 2022


Target Audience.

This course is for employees at all levels, job seekers and those looking to improve employability qualifications, consultants,  freelancers and those looking to becoming freelances and consultants.

Learning objectives

This course will take learners through the following subtopics of remote working.

  • Enhancing your digital capabilities to collaborate more effectively online.
  • Commonly used digital collaboration tools and how to use them.
  • Establishing a daily work routine that enables you stay motivated, and to deliver productivity and effectiveness.
  • How to enhance and leverage your communication and collaborative skills for greater productivity.
  • How to organise contribution, participate in remote meetings confidently and with clarity.
  • Creating a conducive workspace that works for you.
  • Avoiding cabin fever and adopting work life balance.
  • How to stay connected to the team members and colleagues in the organization while working remotely.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course learners can expect to be able to;

  • Communicate, engage and collaborate remotely with team members and an effective and productive manner.
  • Create an optimal remote working routine that work for them and their surroundings, contexts and needs.
  • Lead a happy and productive life through an effective work-life balance.
  • Be able to create, find and take advantage of opportunities to engage with colleagues socially to maintain personal contact.
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