Programme Design & Management

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Development Programme Design and Management is evolving to to keep up with new trends and approaches in international development. This course provides learners with an in-depth introduction to development, design and management of development programmes and projects. The course also incorporates new approaches, techniques, methodologies and best practices used in the industry.

This course will be available on Aug 1, 2022


Target Audience

Programme Design & Management is designed for individuals who either work or are looking to pursue a career working with community based organisations, donors and public institutions, international development organisations, non-profit organisations as programme implementation and management staff or programme managers. The course is also ideal for those looking to make a career transition and enter international development and humanitarian practice, individual professionals such as IT professionals and trainers whose services are often embedded on large programmes.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, learners can expect to;

  • Be introduced to foundational concepts used in modern program design and management.
  • Learners will be taken through the stages of program management, from scoping, design, management, evaluation and closure of development programs.
  • Learners will gain knowledge of program structures, key roles, management processes and practices needed for success management of programs.
  • Learners will be introduced to methodologies and techniques used in development programming from scoping to evaluation and closure of programs.
  • Learners will acquire knowledge of how to incorporate best practices in development programs for greater sustainability beyond programme lifecycle.
  • Learners will be guided on how various development aspects can be mainstreamed into design and management of programmes.

Course delivery

This course will provide check lists and templates that learners can adapt and use in their day to day practice. This course will make of includes practical exercises, automated quizzes, scenarios and simulations to enhance knowledge retention.

Course Pre-requisites

This course requires a degree or diploma in development related area, a degree or diploma in any other discipline for those looking to make a transition to international development sector or 2-3 years of experience in programme or project management through practice.

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