Mobile Internet Skills (English)

$ 40.00

Digital skills are becoming increasingly important. This course provides basic sills for enabling learners to engage and participate in the digital space. Improve your digital skills and broaden your world.

Don’t be left behind!

This course will be available on 1st June, 2022


Target audience

This course is for persons looking to learn or improve their ability to use internet on their smart phones to either improve their business operations, access to information and other services available online. The course is offered in English.

Learning objectives

  • Learners will be introduced to benefits of being digital literate
  • Learners will be taken through internet in general, digital identity and how to use safely.
  • Learners will be introduced to principles of digital citizenry and responsible use of internet
  • Learners will be introduced to several internet software and applications
  • Learners will be guided on how to use these applications to enhance their day to day activities whther for business or personal life management.

Learning outcomes

  • Learners can expect to be able to operate mobile devices effectively.
  • Learners can be able to access government services online more effectively improving overall life productivity.
  • Learners will be able to search and access information online improve knowledge and awareness.
  • They will be able to socially engage with family, friends and business associations online.
  • Learners will be able to participate in community and public matters improving their citizen rights and participation.
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