Social Responsibility Skills

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Social responsibility skills course equips learners with skills that enable them to not just live in communities, but to participate and collaborate with others in public and community matters, address and solve problems collectively and thrive as productive community members and citizens.

Learn to live, work, engage and collaborate with others responsibly and productively.

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Target Audience

Social responsibility skills course is part of a series of courses on life skills. These courses are aimed at persons aged 18 – 35 years old, in employment, unemployed or in college, in business, looking to enter the workforce or go into self employment.

Learning objectives

  • Learners will gain in-depth understanding of social responsibility, and its different components.
  • Learners will become familiar with the importance of social responsibility skills in personal life, and in professional settings and especially its relevance as a 21st Century skill.
  • Learners will be presented with various approaches and competences they can focus on to enhance their social responsibility knowledge.
  • Learners will get tips on how to apply social responsibility skills in various contexts.

At the end of this course the learner should be able to;

  • Re-evaluate the importance and value of their own civic and political engagements/involvement.
  • Take a fresh perspective on their civil rights and responsibilities.
  • Apply knowledge from this course to create or avail themselves to opportunities in which they can engage or be involved in social matters in their settings.
  • Determine and select the matters of local or national interest that most resonate with them and chart a way forward for how they can contribute.
  • Effectively evaluate their own actions be it in business or professional activities and determine how they affect the well being of the overall community.
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