Leadership Skills

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Learn how to leverage other life skill competencies to grow your leadership capabilities.

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Leadership skills course is part of a series of courses on life skills. These courses are aimed at persons aged 18 – 35 years old, in employment, unemployed or in college, looking to enter the workforce or go into self employment.


  • Learner will gain in-depth understanding of leadership competencies core skills and sub-skills
  • Learner will gain insights as to how leadership skills affect personal and professional performance
  • Learner will be equipped and able to take steps to develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Learner will be provided with tips on how to apply communication skills in various contexts

At the end of this course the learner can expected to be able 

  • Understand how other core life skill competencies such as communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills can be used to reinforce self-management.
  • Reflect on own capabilities and become more self-aware, and know what behaviours and attitudes to practice more in order to attain effective self-management goals.
  • Put into use planning, organising, attention to detail and self-control in day to day activities and become more successful.
  • Apply self-management in order to attain both personal and professional success.
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