Digital Transformation for SMEs

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Digital transformation has high potential for enhancing profitability of SMEs yet it is ill understood even by entities that are well resourced.  

This courses helps you to understand digital transformation in a way that will enable you to holistically transform your business, acquire agility and stay ahead of competition. The course will be available on 30th June, 2022



Target Audience

This course is aimed at small and medium enterprises management operators and individuals in charge product and process development, innovation managers, marketing managers, human resources managers, business consultants and startup teams.

Learning objectives

This course sets off by framing the context of digital transformation and its relevance with particular attention to East African and Sub-Saharan African contexts which differ significantly from other global regions. It goes further to help learners distinguish digital transformation from change, the life cycle of disruption, exploring transformation related innovation, resources identification and allocation, role of culture and leadership and development of a digital transformation strategy as well as its implementation.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to;

  • Gain an understanding of what digital transformation entails and prerequisites for successful transition.
  • Full understanding of the anatomy of disruptions and its life cyle.
  • Differentiate between digital transformation and change within the business management context
  • Acquire new knowledge for analysing the market place from different lens for purposes of identifying opportunities and threats on the horizon.
  • Analyse effectively the life cycle of disruption process and implement approaches for tacking it.
  • Will be able to prepare a transformation framework, capabilities and resources that address emerging technological changes and opportunities.
  • Create an internal strategy for innovation and continuous digital transformation within businesses.
  • Gain insights of what technical teams and skills can be brought together to support and oversee digital transformation

Provided with course are;

Case studies, examples from real life business environment and relevant contexts, tools and templates and a practical exercises that learners can bring back and apply in heir business

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