Communication skills 2

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Accelerate your communication skills for management positions.

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Communication 2 is part of our second series of on life skills courses. These courses are aimed at employed persons as well as those in self employment looking to enhance their leadership skills. One must complete Communication 1 to be able to take this course.


  • Learner will gain in-depth of communication skills and sub-skills
  • Learner will be able to appreciate the importance of communication skills in personal life, and in professional settings
  • Learner will know which steps to take towards developing and enhancing communication skills
  • Learner will provided with tips on how to apply communication skills in various contexts

At the end of this course the learner can expected to be able to

  • Engage in active listening, be able to use sub-skills such as attending to and managing communication, clarifying for better understanding, holding back judgment in communication process.
  • Determine and select the most appropriate channels of communication for different scenarios and contexts
  • Identify desirable outcomes and consequences of communication
  • Formulate clear messages that convey clearly intended meaning and appropriate use of non-linguistic cues
  • Adhere to norms, rules and conventions of disciplinary areas or general contexts
  • Factor in cultural and social norms of communication
  • Practice deep reading that enables one to draw inferences, monitor comprehension, questioning, reflecting and critically analysing speech or text.
  • Model other peoples minds and taking into account emotions, dispositions, beliefs and knowledge.

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