Collaboration 2

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Enhance your collaboration skills for management positions.

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Collaboration 2 is part of our second series of on life skills courses. These courses are aimed at employed persons as well as those in self employment looking to enhance their leadership skills. One must complete Collaboration 1 to be able to take this course.


  • Learner will gain in-depth understanding of collaboration knowledge and competencies and sub-skills
  • Learner will gain knowledge on collaboration technological tools, their place and relevance in today’s workplace
  • Learner will understand the role and importance of collaboration skills in personal life, and in professional settings
  • Learner will be provided with tips on h how to develop and enhance collaboration skills

At the end of this course the learner can expected to be able to

  • Start building collaborative skills whether in employment or not.
  • Highlight, showcase and speak about collaborative knowledge in interviews and CV.
  • Understand the role of technological collaborative tools and their use in professional settings and especially the for remote work.
  • Know how to show case, articulate and speak about collaboration skills both at interviews and on the CV
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