Building a Startup Ecosystem

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This course is designed to provide the target audience with solid foundational knowledge of innovation ecosystems, the process of building,  nurturing them, assessing  and measuring productivity.  It touches on key aspects of innovation ecosystems that need to be in place and developed to provide fertile grounds for startups and entrepreneurship to flourish.   The course also provides case studies from the global south where innovation ecosystems are coming up strongly and also from mature ecosystems from developed countries.

This course will be available on the 31st August 2022


Target audience

This course is for persons working in government agencies & departments, incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, international organisations, NGOs and regional economic development bodies, consultants and policy makers responsible for private sector development and in particular, startups and innovation ecosystems.

Learning objectives

Introduction to key concepts relevant for innovation ecosystem. Learners will be introduced to startup ecosystem and its key elements Five key ecosystem organisations, their roles and impact on ecosystem well-being Tangible and intangible challenges and inter-dependencies and how these can be effectively managed. The role of innovation ecosystems for startups Startups, types, categories of startups and global trends Innovation ecosystems vs Startup ecosystems Development of startup ecosystem – key considerations Funding ecosystems Ecosystem governance

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course learners can expect to be able to;

  • Understand key concepts and frameworks of innovation and startup ecosystems
  • Have insight into the key global trends in startup ecosystems particularly those from the global South.
  • Understand the role and functions of different ecosystem organisations in building and supporting growth of startups
  • Gain knowledge of how to develop startup ecosystem, key components and how to influence, catalyse dynamics between them and govern to drive ecosystem productivity.
  • Nurture, track performance and influence the course of ecosystems for productivity.
  • How to map startup ecosystems, develop key performance indicators and their

Learning resources

Case studies, quizzes


This course is developed by Jacinta Ndichu and international development consultant with expertise in public policy, national systems of innovation, technology transfers and private sector development. Jacinta holds a joint Master of Sciences from United Nations University & Maastricht University in the Netherlands and has supported startups based at innovation hubs and incubators in the Netherlands. Jacinta is a senior consultant at Innovation Point Consulting.

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