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INUA Digital Academy is your e-learning platform for continuing education resource needs. We cater for individual learners, businesses, associations and international organisations. Individual learners can access e-learning products on the platform and learn at their own pace.

Businesses whether SMEs, corporations, training companies, associations and international organisations can through our e-learning platform offer continuous education more effectively.

We truly believe in continuous education to meet the skill demands along career paths in a fast changing world.


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Learn from the best, be part of the best. Our training team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Want to join us and teach?

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Updating your team’s skills is taking your entity to the level. We tailor training programs to the needs of your company or organisation career success.

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getting started as a learner

Getting started as a learner

Hi and welcome at INUA Academy. Glad you’ve chosen to elevate yourself. To give you an overview about your possibilities we created this little course for you. This course is divided into two sections. First we want to make sure…
Getting started as an instructor

Getting started as an instructor 1

Hello and welcome at INUA Digital Academy’s e-learning platform. Glad you’ve chosen to elevate yourself. To give you an overview of the possibilities that INUA Digital Academy platform provides, we created this short course for you. Target Audience This course…
Getting started as a teacher for INUA Academy

Getting started as a training provider

This course is designed for learning and development trainers, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and other entities conducting trainings.The course aims to highlight functionality of the digital learning platform and demonstrate how it can be used to render training activities more…

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